REPDC Industry Development Vehicle is a unique instrument providing private equity investors with a venue to participate in Hydro power projects managed by REPDC subsidiaries. Thus, we are offering a unique blend of income opportunities for investors interested in the region, with a strong management team experienced in local risk mitigation and project risk management. This step will ensure REPDC’s presence on the market as the leading investor in hydroelectric power by providing the necessary venture capital to aggressively expand its presence within the regions.

Social strategy

REPDC GREEN PTE LTD is devoted to develop hydropower projects. Hydroelectric power is a proven renewable technology which is in use for over a century and which is currently providing about 19% of the world’s electricity. We are well aware that today’s generation of humankind must turn to renewable sources of energy and act more responsibly towards planet and future generations. That is one of the principles of sustainable development and engaging in hydropower is our way of caring and acting responsibly towards future. By engaging in hydropower we are investing in cleaner, more responsible business, and future based on strong ethical principles.

REPDC GREEN PTE LTD ethical principles provide the foundations for various modern concepts of work, which broaden individual and corporate priorities far beyond traditional business aims of profit and shareholder enrichment. We believe that ethical factors have also a significant influence on institutions and public sector organizations, which aside of the traditional priorities of service quality and cost management, increasingly take into account ethical considerations affecting the commercial and corporate world.

REPDC GREEN PTE LTD modern and innovative concept of running the business outlines the ethical character of the Company and encompasses many related issues including:

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)Cooperatives
Ethical management and leadershipEmployee ownership
Sustainable globalization – contributing to sustainabilityMicro-finance
Corporate governanceWell-being at work and life balance
Social enterprisePsychological contract
Respect for Human RightsDiversity

Any other aspects of good modern leadership, management and organizations which relate to ethics might be added to REPDC GREEN codes in future.

When engaging in business management and activities, ethics is often placed as top priority. All standards for businesses are based on ethical standards and moral philosophy for transparent and fair operations. Adhering to ethical standards shows that the Company’s decision making is not only based on economic principles, but also on the premise of ethical judgments including transparent accounting, fair terms, legal tax-paying and environment protection. Following the moral philosophy fairly and uprightly, stricter than the law or government regulations, guarantees Company’s strong and high quality position. Thus, ethical management is what executives should implement when engaging in business activities.