REPDC GREEN focuses its operation through business strategy execution in two main regions which will serve as integrated platforms for global operations. Main focus regions are:

  1. Europe – special focus on South – East Europe (Western Balkans)
  2. Asia

These regions have been chosen based on two important drivers:

Potential – chosen focus regions can be singled out as the regions with highest potential in terms of hydro potential, economic growth, electricity demand (growth) and policy determination towards renewable energy sources.

Experience – REPDC GREEN PTE LTD management and engineering team have cumulative of more than 90 years of combined experience in business development and operations management in these regions. Thus, Company’s highly qualified and experienced team is well versed in cultural, institutional and doing – business specifics of these regions which enables REPDC GREEN PTE LTD to recognize the potential, rationally plan the implementation and manage risks associated with running business operations in these regions.

Europe and SEE Portfolio

Primary countries of interest in SEE region are countries of the Western Balkans and Black Sea region: Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Georgia, Macedonia, Romania, Slovenia and Serbia. The portfolio may include selected projects from other European and Baltic countries.

The region has large unused hydro potential and rapidly increasing local electricity consumption (average of 2.4 % per year till 2020.). As the region has the highest growth rate compared to rest of the Europe it is necessary that new capacities meet this growth in demand. The region is also close to major consumers such as EU countries, Russia and Turkey.

The target investment of the Europe and SEE portfolio is 600 MW in a diversified portfolio of over 30 projects. Except of urgent investments in new generation capacities, other priority needs in SEE region are enhancing interconnections, efficiency of power generation, developing a regional market and compatible market rules for the region and diversification of energy sources.

Asia Platform

Primary countries of interest in this region are countries of the Indochinese peninsula: Vietnam, India, China, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar and Philippines. The portfolio may include selected projects from other Asian countries.

Vietnam and surrounding countries have had one of the highest rates of GDP growth in the world over the past 10 years (average of 7.22 % per year), and their electricity consumption doubles every 5 years. Due to the increasing living standards and the industrialization, the electricity consumption in Vietnam had increased by roughly 300% in the past ten years. Current volatility in the Vietnamese economy has driven a number of high-quality assets to become distressed and they can now be acquired at highly attractive levels. Being an emerging economy, Vietnam is likely to maintain high growth in the future and the living standard of the population will increase further as well. Given that, demand for electricity may increase significantly in the future.

Vietnam has good potential for the development of hydropower with theoretical capacity of about 300 billion kWh, technical capacity of about 123 billion kWh and technical-economic capacity of about 18,000-20,000 MW of which, total technical capacity for small hydropower plants may be about 1,600-2,000 MW. As of the end of 2011, Vietnam exploited about 10,182 MW of capacity, equaling around 50-60% of the potential technical-economic capacity. Therefore, the room for developing the hydropower industry in Vietnam is still available for investors. The target investment of the Asia portfolio is 1600 MW in a diversified portfolio of over 30 projects.