Experienced team of professionals with decades of combined experience in managing hydro projects worldwide.


REPDC GREEN (Renewable Energy Power Development Company – GREEN) is led by an experienced team of professionals with more than 90 years of combined experience in managing hydro projects worldwide as well as other large scale infrastructure projects.

By engaging our broad experience and extensive network, we strive to actively develop hydro energy solutions for the emerging markets, creating economically sustainable businesses that support the continuous development of the electric power sector.

As our philosophy outlines and our extensive experience proves, we understand the great hydro potential and by developing new projects and solutions in hydropower sector, we aim to contribute and enhance the world’s path to sustainability.

Active projects

Lopota HPP

Under operation and delivering electricity to the grid, the project will be enter to upgrade program in the next few months

Dzama HPP

Under construction

Morava HPP

Under development

Ghvanana HPP

Under development

Okstuni HPP

Under construction RCC dam.

What we do?

Acquiring operating or with need for rehabilitation hydro assets

Using our extensive and unique blend of financial and technical experience we carefully choose undervalued high potential operating green energy assets. We acquire them debt free in LBO transactions in order to generate stable cash flows for further development.

Improving operational results

With our engineering and operational skills & experience we improve operational performance & yield of the operational hydro power plants, thus boosting cash flow available to equity.

Access to cheaper finance through managed risk

By purchasing operational assets with proven track record of operation coupled by our extensive financing experience we can negotiate lower funding costs and use acquired assets to leverage further development.

Developing new markets

Using cash flow generated from operational assets, as well as the assets own value, we can develop efficient new hydro power plants in new markets.

Managing a balanced self-sustainable portfolio and generating stable returns for investors

With a unique blend of operational assets and new capacity being developed we can secure stable returns to our investors and manage a self-sustainable operation.
Portfolio optimization and management will generate stable long-term cash flows available to equity serving as a basis for stable investor returns.



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